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Crosscliq is an experiential agency that creates solutions leveraging NFC & RFID, Bluetooth Beacons, and other technologies to engage your audience where and when it matters.

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NFC & RFID Event Technology

Crosscliq specializes in NFC & RFID event wristband solutions. Lead generation, increased engagement and revenue lift are just a few benefits. To learn more about our solutions, contact us.

Retail Logistics

Retail Logistics Solutions

Better manage retail installations and high value assets in real-time. Our unique proof-of-placement system provides assurance that your displays are compliant and in the proper location.

Mobile Relationships

Mobile Relationship & Loyalty

Smartphones offer the ultimate in one-to-one loyalty opportunities for brands to connect and gather valuable data. Crosscliq keeps the dialogue moving forward.

Mobile Experience

  • Experience

    The goal behind mobile engagement is 'emotion and promotion'. Brands are seeking smarter and more exciting ways to drive loyalty and convert customers.

  • Control

    Our real-time business intelligence dashboards provide your brand full control of your events or in-field assets. Monitor and control staff or attendees as well as managing content.

  • Data Collection

    If content is king then data is queen. Our solutions are custom tailored to capture relevant data in the field. From insights to post-event targeting, our tools provide security and ease of use.

  • Gamification

    Encouraging your audience to perform onsite tasks requires a unique approach. From trivia to check-in challenges, our tools have been tried and tested with major brands, resulting in signifcant lift.

  • Speed

    Speed is critical when it comes to mobile content. Crosscliq uses proprietary methods to reduce load-times and latency. Faster sites improve conversions.

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NFC RFID management

IQ Nimbus™;

Nimbus is Crosscliq's proprietary mobile content distribution platform. Nimbus was designed to optimize delivery speed, leverage rules-based content management, and enable the deepest level on tracking and analytics, all on a highly scalable architecture hosted on 5 instances on the Amazon Cloud as well as redundancy on Rackspace - guaranteed uptime.

NFC RFID wristband

NFC Wrist Bands

Create new opportunities for lead-generation and engagement at your next B2C or B2B brand activation, summit or trade show event. Crosscliq's NFC & RFID wristband solution provides a complete platform to engage, collect, and monetize your audience.

Cliqtrac NFC asset monitoring


Ever wonder if your retail displays or POP materials are actually installed and compliant? Displays are considered the silent salesman and a non-compliant display results in lost revenue. Crosscliq has partnered with Rapid Displays, a leading producer of retail merchandising solutions, to create a platform (RapidTrac™) that ensures your displays are doing their job.

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Mobile Engagement

Crosscliq provides custom mobile development for brands and retailers looking to expand their mobile relationships. Nimbus was designed to integrate any combination of mobile triggers, NFC, QR Code, Bluetooth Beacon/iBeacon or SMS allowing us to meet marketers' ever-changing needs and engage customers on any type of mobile device.



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