Crosscliq is an industry leader in Mobile Engagement and NFC technology implementation.

Advancements in mobile handset technology have opened a new world of opportunity for businesses wishing to connect the physical world with digital content. Crosscliq is committed to providing the most robust solutions, enabling businesses and marketers to deploy programmed NFC (near-field-communication) tags in mass and across a wide range of target materials. Our team's extensive experience in digital marketing strategy and print fulfillment has enabled Crosscliq to develop unique NFC solutions that cross a wide range of verticals. Crosscliq's patent-pending IQ-NFC product line allows businesses and government organizations to maintain strict security controls on their NFC assets in the field as well as add additional functionality to the tags. Our team is also capable of managing Augmented Reality campaigns, QR Codes, Smart-PURLs, and other print-to-mobile technologies. To learn more about our products and how Crosscliq can benefit your business, please contact us today.

Crosscliq's offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and Toronto, Canada service clients across the globe. Our extensive experience in print manufacturing positions us as one of the few industry players who can fulfill NFC orders in mass (100,000+ assets/order) on a variety of substrates and products. Crosscliq also assists printers, binderies, and packaging companies to integrate NFC applicators into their operations.

NFC is moving out the realm of the hypothetical and into the realm of reality for retailers. It is now necessary for retailers and marketers to capitalize on NFC-enabled technology for their mobile-marketing and m-commerce strategies.

Crosscliq’s IQ|NFC technology can bring consumers to your brand and immediately into the shopping experience.

Looking to be a 'first adopter' of NFC? We offer solutions for printers, packagers, marketers, retailers and construction planners.

Crosscliq's platform can be found at a retailer near you.

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